Art 2017
Chairperson:  Eileen LaBarge
$135.00 per week

A1 Brazing, Welding & Wire Sculpture
Week: 5                                                                 Grades: 6 & up
In this class you will learn how to plan out two-dimensional and three-dimensional steel wire sculptures, then bring them to life using a form of welding called Brazing!  You will learn how to use a variety of tools and learn brazing techniques.  Create anything from animals to architecture!
Instructor:  Deborah Chesser

A3 Photography & the Land
Week: 1                                                                 Grades 5 & up
Take your camera out into the vast and wonderful land that surrounds us at the Workshop. Study the landscape and figure out which scenes photograph the best!  Join us in this fun adventure of learning and discovery from behind the eye of the camera!
Instructor:  Pat Aronson

A4 Multicultural Creations
Weeks: 4, 5                                                          Grades: 3 - 5
In this class you will explore the traditions of different cultures and artistic creations from around the world!  Please come join us in this fun and exciting class making multicultural art with fun mediums using your own creative expression. Mask making, watercolor Chinese Dragons, African mud cloth, Glue batik, Indian Diya lamps, cats eye, Paper dream catchers, paper rangoli and more!
Instructor: Janet Wright

 A5  Cartooning
Weeks: 1, 2          Grades: (Week 1: 2 – 6); (Week 2:  4 – 8)
Attention:  fans of comic books, cartoons and comic strips! 
Explore the art of cartooning.  Human animation will be emphasized, including facial expression, body movement and setting.  Learn to create original story lines and scripts.  The class will “publish” a collective comic book.
Instructor:  John Vandenbergh

A6 Clay Forms and Structures
Week: 6                                                                 Grades 6 & up
Create human, animal and/or mythical creatures, create treasure boxes, hide-away boxes and interesting structures. In this class you'll learn how to turn your creative ideas into wonderful pieces of art.

Instructor: Jason Martinez

A7  Fun with Architecture!
Week: 3                                                                 Grades:  6 - 8
Learn about architecture and how to design and build your very own structure!  Students will draw out their own designs after learning measuring, scaling, and how to use fun drawing tools.  Floor plans and illustrations of the exterior and interior views will be made in preparation for your very own model construction.  So, come join us and have some fun expressing your imagination and your exciting ideas!
Instructor:  Terry Way

A8 Make Your Mark: Printmaking
Week: 6                                                                 Grades: 3 - 8
Stamp Making! Screen Printing! Plaster Block Printing! … and more!  You can learn some fun and fast printmaking techniques to make cards, a T-shirt and a whole portfolio of art prints.  We’ll use almost everything around us to make shapes that you can print with, on anything you like!
Instructor:  John Vandenbergh

A9  Clay, Clay & More Clay
Weeks: 1 – 2  (two week course)                   Grades: 2 - 5
Get your hands dirty with a natural material that is fun to explore and easy to create with.  We'll explore different hand building methods with clay while creating animals, puzzle boxes, nature print chimes, bowls and so much more!  Projects will be kiln fired and hand painted!
Instructor:  Colleen Skiff

A10  Art &  Reptiles !!
Week: 4                                                                 Grades: 4 - 8
Do you love art? Love reptiles?  Learn how to draw, paint and create models of different kinds of reptiles!  In fact, to inspire your works of art, we’ll even have some live reptiles on hand for you to look at and study!  Reptiles come in exciting colors, unique, inspiring designs, and a variety of sizes – they’ll inspire fun, creative pieces of art!
Instructor:  John Vandenbergh

A12 Artistic Trading Cards
Week: 3                                                                 Grades: 3 - 8
Create many miniature artworks about the same size as baseball cards! A variety of mediums and techniques will be explored to create these mini masterpieces. These works of art are will be presented in card-collector pockets, sleeves and sheets. These works are great to keep, trade, or even send in the mail to friends and family!
Instructor: John Vandenbergh

A13  Graphic Design
Week: 6                                                                 Grades: 5 - 8
Learn this very exciting form of art from a graphic design professional!  Learn what is needed for good design, and all the different ways designs can be used, then you’ll plan and design your own special logo. It will be unique and amazing!  Your imagination has no limits!
Instructor:  Amy White

A14 Drawing & Painting
Week: 5                                                                 Grades: 4 - 8
Capture an immediate response on paper to your daily Heldeberg Workshop world of woods, waterfalls, fields and mountains. Using oil pencils, pastels and acrylics, you will learn how to think, see and paint like the Impressionists or Abstractionists. You’ll also learn to use light, shadow and values to make dramatic or colorful statements. But the most important thing is that you enjoy expressing your feelings about the world around you!
Instructor: John Vandenbergh

A15  The Art of Silk Screening
Weeks:  4, 5                                                         Grades: 6 & up
Make and wear your own logo and design!  In this class we will learn the art of silk screening.  You’ll take your own creative ideas and turn them into designs for t-shirts and a number of other different items and materials.  Come give this great class a try!
Instructor:  Jason Martinez

A16 Metalwork & Design - Beginning and Advanced
Week: 6                                                                 Grades: 6 & up
In this class, students will learn how a metalsmith/artist transforms ideas into design, and in the process, creates very cool pieces of art, including wearable pieces! Students will use many different hand-held tools and work with copper and brass to create their own, special metal designs.
Returning students are welcome to work on more advanced projects.
Instructor: Irene Purificato

A18 Macro Photography… a.k.a. Extreme Close Up Photography     
Week: 4                                                                 Grades: 5 & up
Whether it's a photograph of an insect's wings, a frog's eye or veins in a leaf…
Study photography from the macro perspective (really really up close), “focusing” on the use of bokeh (intentional blur), angle, light, subject stalking, equipment and technique. Students will roam the grounds of Heldeberg Workshop shooting lots of different subjects (flora, fauna, rock, face, object, background and misc) and produce a slideshow presentation for open house. We’ll also talk about crop, the theory of thirds, critique and depth of field.

Students will need a camera capable of macro photos. This can be a regular digital camera with a macro setting, DSLR with a macro lens, extensions tubes or step lens or even a smart phone capable of macro. Contact us if you have any questions about equipment for the class.
Instructor: Chet Boehlke


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