Performing Arts

Performing Arts 2018
Chairperson:  Joe Hetko


 T1  Guitar: Beginning & Intermediate
Week:  1                                                                Grades:  5 & up

In this class we learn how to make music on the coolest of all instruments – the guitar! We play basic chords, learn to read various kinds of notation and make music individually and as a group. Guitar players looking to take their playing up to the next level will also love this class! We’ll learn new chords, tunes and techniques, and increase our overall knowledge of the guitar. Students who have taken a basic guitar class are welcome to join the fun.

Instructor:  Joe Hetko

T2 Be a Magician!
Week: 1                                                                 Grades: 3 & up

Here’s your chance to learn magic from one of the top magicians in the Capital Region. Magician Jim Snack will draw from his bag of tricks to teach sleight of hand, close-up magic, and illusions. Each student will master several tricks with cards, coins, rope and other readily available objects to present at the Open House. The workshop is for ages 8 and above.

Instructor: Jim Snack

T3 Be a Magician: Beginning & Advanced!      (New Class)
Week: 5                                                                 Grades: 3 & up

Whether you are just beginning to learn magic, or have taken our beginner course and are looking to expand your magical powers, this course is for you!  Magician Jim Snack will draw from his bag of tricks to teach sleight of hand, close-up magic, and illusions. Each student will master several tricks with cards, coins, rope and other readily available objects to present at the Open House. Advanced students will focus more on sleight of hand magic and illusions that require more practice to master.

Instructor: Jim Snack

T4 Whodunnit? It’s a …MUSICAL!      (New Class)
Weeks 3 – 4 (two week course)                      Grades : 3-10

In this mash-up of Mini-Musical and Whodunnit? It’s a Mystery!, we
will create an original mystery script with songs and surprises.
Possibly inspired by a popular board game, join us as our intrepid
cast of characters sing and sleuth their way to solve a murder most

Was it the Fellow in Yellow?
The Starlet in Scarlet?
Perhaps the Professor in Purple?
Without a doubt, the game is afoot!
No Singing, Dancing, or Prior Felonious Experience Necessary.

Instructor:  Scott Payne

T5  The Heldeberg Percussion Squad
Week:  2                                                                Grades:  5 – 8 

Guided by a professional percussionist, students of all levels will work together to create amazing sound sculptures.  We’ll learn to create “hip grooves” for drum circles, lay down a “street beat” on the Heldeberg trails, and have a great time improvising and improving our technique on a wide variety of cool instruments!

Instructor:  Rob Cenci

T6 Haunted Heldebergs
Weeks: 5 – 6 (two week course)                  Grades: 3 – 8
In this creepy class of fright-filled fun, you will learn the basics of happy haunting! Transform ordinary items into terrifying tricks and treats, creepy crafts and costumes, petrifying projects, and scary scenes. Create your own character to inhabit our happy haunted home, using spine-tingling techniques and spooky special effects.

Guaranteed to put goosebumps and chills on all who dare to enter! We will run the “Haunt” for Open House, and on the last day.

Instructor: Scott Payne

T7  Theater in the Heldebergs
Weeks:  5 – 6 (two week course)                   Grades:  4 – 8

Actors, actresses, musicians, crew-hands – put all of your creative energies to work as we collaborate on the writing and production of the 2018 premier of “Theater in the Heldebergs”!

Instructor:  Mary Liz Stewart

T8  Live from the Heldebergs
Week:  6                                                                Grades:  7 – 12

After last summer’s exciting comedy workshop, “Live from the Heldebergs” will return for a week of comedy writing, improvisation and sketch creation.  The workshop will conclude with a live performance of the students’ written work.

Instructor:  Melissa Surach

 T9 Battle of the Trolls: Marionette Theater
Week:  4                                                                Grades: 5 – 8

Troll Wars! The woodtrolls and the mountain trolls battle for the Heldebergs! Join the struggle! Build your own marionette troll and perform the story of the ancient trolls of the Heldebergs for the whole Workshop. Will you make a terrifying troll or the most beautiful princess? Woodworking, painting, costuming and puppet performance skills are all part of this adventure!

Instructor: John Koethen

T10  Wizards Workshop
Weeks: 1 – 2 (two week course)                    Grades:  3 – 10

Your OWL has arrived! Don’t miss your opportunity to attend
Hogwarts in the Helderbergs. Potions, Magic Charms, and Mystical Beasts (and where to find them) are a few of the subjects that students will enjoy in this creative crash course in theatrical conjuring. Apprentices will construct a Wizard’s wardrobe, magical apparatus, and other accessories of Abracadabra! Grab your broomstick and get ready to play wizard games. Imagination and Magic mixed in good measure.

Instructor:  Scott Payne