Science 2017
Chairperson:  Jerry Dievendorf
$135.00 per week
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S1 Bugs and Slugs … Advanced!
Week: 6                                                       Grades:  3 - 6
Learn how to prepare and manage a live zoo of insects! Get “up close and personal” with the abundant and diverse bugs that live at Heldeberg Workshop.  Advanced methods of entomology will be explored, including various methods of collecting and preserving a collection, microscope slide preparation and pinning specimens.
Instructor:  Jerry Dievendorf

S2  Science Fun
Weeks: 1,2                                                Grades:  2 & 3
Do you know why certain animals live where they do?  Explore the forest with us, probe the pond and swamp, examine evidence of deer activity and learn how to find salamanders, snakes, frogs and insects.  Recognize animals from their tracks.  We’ll conduct chemical tests of water and berries to make deductions about what certain animals eat and where they live.  We will also examine stream beds to find fossils of ancient life, and we’ll try to guess what our environment might have been like in those earlier times.  Come and have fun with us!!
Instructor:  Diane Betzwieser

S3 Habitat Adventurers
Weeks: 1, 2, 3                                                      Grades: 2 & 3
Gear up for adventure throughout forests, fields, swamps, the pond, and much more! Learn how to recognize common species within each habitat and how they interact with one another and their surroundings in order to thrive! Also, we’ll get in tune with our creative sides, crafting habitats of our very own and drawing critters that we find in our journals. Through interactive guessing games, we’ll learn a bit of their anatomy too! Get ready to learn, create, share and explore!
Instructor: Saige Turallo

S4  Early Birders
Week: 1                                                          Grades: 3 - 6
Forget the worm! Early Birders will explore the Land seeking out over 30 species of birds, learning to use binoculars, spotting scopes and field guides to identify them by sight and sound. We will learn techniques for spotting birds, feeding birds and luring them in for a closer look. Games and activities enhance our understanding of the world of birds and what makes them such unique animals. We will also discover the best ways to feed birds so we can watch them in our own backyards. Early Birders learn the basics for a lifelong hobby.
Instructor:  Chris Keefer

S5 Nature Lab: Trial by Science
Weeks: 3, 4                                                          Grades: 4-6
Do you wonder about science and nature? Are you curious? What better way to explore than to experiment with the world around you! In this class we will set up and perform simple, but exciting science experiments exploring and using the environment around us. Students get to design their own experiment as well.
“The only difference between [messing] around and science is writing it down”- Alex Jason. Get ready for a week of messing around with science!
Instructor: Liz Tobison

S6  Rocks & Fossils
Weeks: 1, 2, 4, 5                                          Grades: 4 & up
Dig into the world of rocks, minerals and fossils.  Learn about earthquakes, glaciers, volcanoes and much more!  We go on hikes to various fossil-collecting sites, create model volcanoes, and learn to navigate the woods with ease (an essential life skill!) using a map and compass.  We’ll complete the week with a “treasure” hunt!
Instructor:  George Pafumi

S7  Swamping
Weeks: 2,4                                                   Grades: 2 - 4
Different plants and animals live in different parts of our swamp.  We’ll spend the week discovering who lives in all that mud!
Instructor:  Dee Strnisa

S8 Nature Detectives
Week: 4,5,6                                                    Grades: 2 - 3
Discover how to find what’s been hiding within different habitats all around you. Learn to identify things from various butterflies to millipedes to wildflowers and plants. Being the detectives we are, we’ll break out our magnifying glasses on the trail, keep a journal of our findings through drawings and notes, play games, and also do a bit of show & tell (sharing is always optional for those who would like!) Join us to uncover our smaller neighbors that may go unnoticed!
Instructor: Saige Turallo

S9  Fossil Hunting
Weeks: 3, 6                                              Grades: 3 & 4
Find the remains of organisms that lived here hundreds of millions of years ago!  Learn about the prehistoric environment that these creatures lived in.  Discover how to search for fossils in an area known for its geologic richness.  Get your hands dirty identifying fossils such as trilobites, bryozoans, ancient corals, and many, many others, as we talk about their significance.
Instructor:  George Pafumi

S10 Naturalist in Training
Weeks: 1,2,3,4,5
                                        Grades: 3 & 4
In this class we will combine art, nature, and adventure!  Together we will learn to observe our natural surroundings and record our findings in creative ways.  We will explore the mountain and its plant and animal life, and journal our adventures for further study and memories. This class is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and much as they do art!
Instructor: Sadye Goldfarb

S13  Forest Ninjas
Week: 1                                                        Grades: 3 - 6
When a ninja enters the forest, nothing moves without the ninja noticing  - and yet - the ninja can move silently and unseen.  How does the ninja do it?  The birds are always communicating about who is moving around, and the ninja knows their language.  The ninja has also practiced moving like animals so many times in martial arts classes that the ninja can move silently and unseen like the bobcat.  Learn the ways of the ninja in the forest through stories, fun, games and - of course - sneaking around! Never again will your sibling be able to sneak up on you!
Instructor:  Steve Young

S15  The Way of the Cooper's Hawk
Week: 2                                                          Grades:  3 - 6
Wouldn't it be so cool if a bird told you there was a sneaking coyote under those bushes, or when you looked up, you were blown away by a Cooper's Hawk in hot pursuit of a sparrow? That bird might even tell you that your little brother was sneaking up behind you!  In this class, we'll learn what birds are telling us and how to move through the woods without alarming them … so that we might just be able to surprise that wary fox lounging in a patch of sunlight!  “The Way of the Cooper's Hawk” is your ticket into the world of the birds.
Instructor:  Steve Young



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