Children’s Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Directions and Safety
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Is there a risk of ticks?

A Few Guidelines for the Workshop

  • Classes begin at 9am and end at 12pm. At 12pm, classes will be in front of the pole barn and ready for pick up. Please sign your child out with his/her teacher.
  • Please do not drop off more than 15 minutes early in the morning or pick up late in the afternoon.
  • Please obey the parking and speed limit signs for the safety of the children.
  • Children will only be released to parents/guardians or authorized adults (listed in online account) unless they have a note.
  • Students MUST wear long pants and closed-toed sturdy shoes (no shorts or flip-flops please).  If you want to use bug spray or sunscreen, please apply them at home. Do not apply immediately before boarding bus.
  • Pack a nut-free snack and water for your child. There is no drinking water available at the Workshop, and no facilities for keeping snacks cold, so please prepare accordingly.
  • If your child needs medication at the Workshop, we are required to have medical orders from your physician.
  • If your child is late or needs to leave early, sign them in/out at the office (behind the pole barn and to the right).
  • All adults visiting Heldeberg Workshop must be signed in at the office.
  • OPEN HOUSE: All are welcome each week on Thursday evening from 6 to 8pm for Open House (two week classes have open house on the second Thursday of the course). Classes have displays and/or activities to showcase what they have learned. Come see what adventures your child’s class and others have had each week!


What do the grades listed by the classes mean?
For the purposes of summer class registration, a child is considered to be in the grade they are going into that fall.  For example, if a child is in 4th grade during the 2019-2020 school year, they would be considered a 5th grader for enrollment in summer 2020 classes.

Refund Policy
Once the application has been processed, $50 will be non-refundable. Written withdrawals, postmarked or emailed by June 1st, will be refunded except for the $50 amount. No refunds will be made after June 1st. For any questions regarding the refund policy, please contact the Registrar via email at registrar@heldebergworkshop.org.

When do classes meet?
Classes meet from 9 am to 12 pm.

Absences:  Please notify the Workshop via phone at 518-765-2777.  Please note that emailed absences are not accessible during Workshop hours.

Early Dismissals:  Please notify the Workshop as soon as possible via phone at 518-765-2777.  Please note that emailed absences are not accessible during Workshop hours.

Late Arrivals:  All students arriving late must check in with the office.  The office is located behind the Pavilion.  Students will be escorted to their site with a staff member.  Please do not bring students to their class area.

Directions and Safety

Where do classes meet? 
You will see a Heldeberg Workshop sign at the beginning of the driveway. Classes meet at the main pole building (the large building at the end of the driveway, by the traffic circle).

Where do I drop off my child?
Drive slowly up the driveway to the large pole building.  Park temporarily in the designed spot in the circle.  Please walk your child up to the area in front of the pole building and leave your child with their teacher. All students must be signed in and out with an Authorized Adult.

Where should I park when I am staying on the Land for longer periods of time?
Parking is either in the designated parking area or along the driveway.

Where is the Heldeberg Workshop?

Heldeberg Workshop is located on Picard Road (Rt. 307) between Voorheesville and Altamont, New York.  Use 353 Picard Road, Altamont 12009 for GPS or Mapping only – do not use as mailing address!

Link to Google Maps

Workshop Map

From Albany, Delmar and Slingerlands: 
Take New Scotland Avenue (Rt. 85) west to the Village of New Salem, take a right turn onto Rt. 85A EAST, and then the first left onto Rt. 307 (Picard Rd). The Workshop is about 2 miles further on the left.

From the Northway, Stuyvesant Plaza and Voorheesville: 
Take Western Avenue (Rt. 20) to Rt. 155 in Guilderland. Take a left onto Rt. 155, and continue to Voorheesville. At the end of Rt. 155, continue around the traffic circle, taking a right onto Rt. 85A WEST. In 0.7 miles take a right onto Rt. 156 following the signs toward Altamont. Go 1.7 miles to Tygert Road (the Indian Ladder Farms sign is located at this intersection). Take a left onto Tygert and follow it to its end, then turn right onto Picard Road. The Workshop is about 0.3 miles on the left.

From Schenectady and Altamont: 
Take Rt. 158 or Rt. 146 to the Village of Altamont; go straight through the village and cross the railroad tracks. Take a left onto Rt. 156 towards Voorheesville, (the Stewart’s shop is on the corner). In 4 miles take a right onto Rt. 307 (Picard Rd.  The Workshop is 0.5 miles on the right.

Authorized Adult:
Please know that the Workshop will not dismiss your child, on the bus or at the Workshop, to an adult that has not been authorized.  If you need to make changes, please notify us via email as soon as possible.  If it is less than 24 hours, please notify us by phone of any changes.  Only in the event of a change do you need to notify us with a bus or attendance note.


Please arrive five minutes early to the bus stop.

  • Please do not apply bug spray immediately before children board the bus. This may cause children with asthma to have difficulty breathing.
  • Bus times may change due to construction and other factors. Parents should check with the bus driver to be updated on bus times as needed.
  •  If an adult other than a parent is picking up, the driver must have a note giving permission to release your child to someone other than the parent!
  • If you are not at the bus stop to pick up your child, the bus driver will wait a few minutes and then must continue his/her route.

Please call the Heldeberg Workshop office at 765-2777 if you miss the bus at pickup in order to make arrangements to pick up your child as soon as possible.

Rules for riding the bus

  • The youngest students should sit near the front of the bus.
  • If a student is asked to stay in a specific location on the bus, it is for the duration of the camp experience.
  • Students are asked to sit 2-3 people per seat.
  • Students should stay seated at all times, with hands and objects kept to themselves.
  • Bullying comments will be taken seriously and should be reported to the driver.
  • Any large items must stay with the driver. Medications should be transported to the Workshop by the parent unless a student is allowed to self-carry.
  • Eating is not permitted on the bus.

What Can I Bring on the Bus? All school rules apply.  Any large items, including bows, re-enacting equipment, sticks, etc. cannot be transported on the bus.  Students will not be allowed to board the bus with these items.

Seating Arrangements:  Younger children will be seated to the front of the bus.  Siblings may sit together.  Students may be asked to relocate as needed to facilitate safety and kindness on the bus.

Transportation Changes:  If you would like to make any changes in your transportation, this must be completed 24 hours in advance.  Late notification of changes to pick-up and drop-off cannot be accommodated as we need to ensure the safety of the children first.  Please notify us in writing with a note, NOT a verbal authorization to the bus driver as their only concern is the safety of the children on the bus.

Busing is registered on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach capacity. Students will be picked up and dropped off only at designated stops and to a waiting adult. The Bus fee is $40.00 per week per child. If the adult designated to meet the child at the stop is not present, the bus will return with the child to the Niskayuna Bus Garage: (518) 370-0160. 1301 Hillside Ave. Niskayuna, NY, 12309. Please make arrangements to be on time for both pickup and drop off.

Other Information:

What should I wear?
Light-colored long pants, shoes or sneakers, and socks are appropriate for most classes; some classes, such as spelunking and blacksmithing, require special clothing.

Spelunkers should wear warm clothing (jeans, sweatshirt or flannel shirts) boots or sneakers and work gloves.  Helmets will be provided.  Bring a change of clothing for afterward as caves can be muddy. Spelunkers also need 3 sources of light.

Blacksmithing students should wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts and wear work boots.

Are there bathrooms on the Land?
Well-maintained outhouses are available; there is no electricity on the Land, nor is there potable water.  We have an ADA compliant outhouse near the pole building

What should I bring?
Sunscreen and a hat are recommended. Insect repellent, if you choose to use it, should be applied at home.  Spelunkers need to bring 3 sources of light.  You also need to bring your own drinking water and a snack.

What happens if the weather is bad?
Classes and Parent’s Night will be held “rain or shine” unless we have really severe weather, i.e., thunderstorms. If classes or Parent’s Night is canceled, a message will be placed on our answering machine.  You can access this at 765-2777. We will also try to post updates on Facebook.

How can I leave a phone message?   

The Heldeberg Workshop phone number is 765-2777.  Leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  Before the summer program begins, messages are checked on Saturday morning and Monday evening. During the regular summer session, the phone is checked daily. If your phone does not accept private calls, our return calls may be blocked.

Are Outdoor Education Intern (OEI) positions available at the Heldeberg Workshop?
Yes – Click here for more information on our intern program

Is there a risk of ticks? 

Yes.  Ticks are common in Albany County in the spring, summer, and fall.  It is a good idea to wear light-colored clothing.  This will make ticks easier to spot.  You should also tuck your socks up over the bottom of your pant legs.  It is also a good idea to check carefully for ticks when you go home. Insect repellent, if you choose to use it, should be applied at home.

Please consult the Department of Health website if you would like more information about ticks and communicable diseases.