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Chairpeople: Colleen Skiff & John Vandenbergh

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A01 Cartooning
Week: 1                                                          Grades: 2 – 6
Week: 3                                                          Grades: 4 – 8
Attention:  fans of comic books, cartoons and comic strips!

Explore the art of cartooning.  Human animation will be emphasized, including facial expression, body movement and setting.  Learn to create original story lines and scripts.  The class will “publish” a collective comic book.
Instructor:  John Vandenbergh

 A02  Hand Building with Clay
Week: 1                                                          Grades: 2 – 5
Explore working with clay using simple hand tools and your hands! You will be building a few pieces with air-dry clay to make decorative clay vessels and dishes. We will be making a pinch pot, a vessel, a dish for keys or coins, and an animal piece of your choosing. We will also be making a clay piece that may look like a piece of cake…but, once dried and painted, you can open the clay object up to reveal a hiding spot inside your dessert-looking creation.
Instructor: Theresa McTague

 A03 Advanced Pottery
Weeks: 1, 2                                                    Grades: 4+
Want to learn how easy if can be to hand-build mugs, bowls, as well as other fun and functional pieces? Learn about pulling handles, using rollers, stamps, and new techniques for coloring clay such as marbling effect with shaving cream! The natural surroundings will inspire your use of colors, texture, and form.
Instructor: Marica Monori

A4  Figures in Motion
Week: 1                                                           Grades: 4 – 8
Would you like to learn to juggle? How about Draw? What if both of these things were combined into a single class? Figures in Motion combines circus, and gesture drawing to create a unique experience on learning to draw the human body in motion. Students will learn many juggling forms, including triple throw, club, diabolo, and spinning poi. Students will also learn basic human figure drawing, and work with charcoal!
Instructor: Jack Hassett

A05  Brazing, Welding & Wire Sculpture
Weeks: 1, 3                                                    Grades: 6 & up
In this class you will learn how to plan out two-dimensional and three-dimensional steel wire sculptures, then bring them to life using a form of welding called brazing!  This is an exciting class where students will learn to use a variety of tools while working with steel wire, and learn fun brazing techniques.
Instructor:  Emma Hampston

A06 Macro Photography
Week: 1                                                          Grades: 5 & up
Whether it’s a photograph of an insect’s wings, a frog’s eye or veins in a leaf… study photography from the macro perspective (really really up close), “focusing” on the use of bokeh (intentional blur), angle, light, subject stalking, equipment and technique. Students will roam the grounds of Heldeberg Workshop shooting lots of different subjects (flora, fauna, rock, face, object, background and misc) and produce a slideshow presentation for open house. We’ll also talk about crop, the theory of thirds, critique and depth of field.

Students will need a digital camera capable of macro photos. This can be a DSLR with a macro lens, extensions tubes or step lens or even a smart phone capable of macro. Contact us if you have any questions about equipment for the class.

Instructor: Chet Boehlke

A07  Clay Exploration
Weeks: 2,3                                                     Grades: 2 – 5
Come explore the wonderful world of clay in this fun and messy workshop.  We will practice a variety of hand-building techniques to create unique projects like decorative name plates, silly pinch pot monsters, coil bowls and more.

**This class is offered for two weeks 7/15 and 7/22.  Students who take this class for two weeks will have the opportunity to work on more individualized projects and even try their hand at the potter’s wheel**

Instructor: Natalie Kossack

 A8  Sculpture for Fun
Week:  2                                                         Grades: 2 – 5
Explore the 3-D art world and create unique objects through the use of mixed media. Transform ordinary paper into eye popping sculpture! Use paper mache and recycled materials to bring a creature to life! This course will enable students to take 2-D sketches and turn them into 3-D forms! We will be weaving paper-plate bowls, and creating classic yarn “god’s eye” wall-hangings with sticks and yarn.
Instructor: Theresa McTague

A9  Artistic Trading Cards
Week: 2                                                       Grades: 3 – 8
Create many miniature artworks about the same size as baseball cards! A variety of mediums and techniques will be explored to create these mini masterpieces. These works of art will be presented in card-collector pockets, sleeves and sheets. These works are great to keep, trade, or even send in the mail to friends and family!
Instructor: John Vandenbergh

A10  Fun with Architecture
Week: 2                                                             Grades: 5 & up
Learn how to draw architectural floor plans, design your own buildings, and let your dream home come to life! In this class, students will learn how to draw with rulers and perspective, build structures in 3D, and push the boundaries of what a building can really look like.
Instructor: Jack Hassett

A11  Metalwork & Design – Beginning and Advanced
Weeks: 2, 6                                                        Grades: 6 & up
In this class, students will learn how a metalsmith/artist transforms ideas into design, and in the process, creates very cool pieces of art, including wearable pieces! Students will use many different hand-held tools and work with copper and brass to create their own, special metal designs.

Returning students are welcome to work on more advanced projects.
Instructor: Irene Purificato

A12  Mixed Media Fun
Week: 3                                                          Grades: 3 & up
Have a great time exploring with different materials and techniques: including paint, markers, paper, yarn, clay, wood…the list is endless!!   Let your imagination and creativity run wild. Every art project you make is a different adventure!
Instructor: Rachel Empie

A13  Japanese Book Binding and Zine
Week: 3                                                          Grades: 4 & up
We will be creating hard-cover books using an ancient Japanese book-binding technique. We will also be paper-marbling and using marbles and ink to create unique papers to include in your books, and stationary. We will learn a basic fold to create “zines” and writing, drawing, and building your own stories inside the pages.
Instructor:  Theresa McTague

A14  Creative Jewelry Making
Week: 4                                                             Grades: 5 & up
We will use basic jewelry tools to make original bracelets, necklaces, pins and more… Some of the materials we’ll use will be wire, metals and found items from nature. Use your imagination to create a lasting memory. This is a fun and creative class and the results will amaze you.
Instructor:  Hope Konecny

 A15   A New Perspective
Week: 3                                                              Grades: 5 & up
Are you tired of drawing flat stick figures? Look no further! In this drawing class, we will focus on drawing in perspective, making your drawings go from the 2nd, to the 3rd, and even the 4th dimension! This class will teach students to draw in all perspective forms, including 1- 4 Point, fisheye, and experimental!

Instructor: Jack Hassett

A16  Kaleidoscope of Art
Week: 4                                                          Grades: 2 – 5
Using nature as inspiration and a variety of media including nature’s bounty, we will do rubbings of leaves and make marks with other things we find in nature during our nature walks on the trails. We will use our natural finds to paint with ink. We will use a brandishing technique to transfer images with graphite to create a symmetrical set of mandalas. Additionally, we will be creating oil pastel and watercolor self-portraits, inspired by a variety of artists.

Instructor:  Theresa McTague

A17  Clay, Clay and More Clay
Weeks: 4-5 (2 week course)                              Grades: 4 & up
Get your hands dirty with a natural material that is fun to explore and easy to create with. We’ll use different hand building methods with clay  – animals, puzzle boxes, nature print chimes, bowls and also use the potter’s wheels to create bowls and so much more!

** This class is offered for two weeks (7/29 and 8/5). Students who take this class for two weeks will be able to get into more involved projects, including using the potters wheel and creating sculpture.

Instructor:  Colleen Skiff

A18  Drawing for Real
Week:  4                                                                Grades 5 & up
Drawing for real” is your creative step to obtaining drawing skills that will help you draw realistically.  This class will take you from having some knowledge in drawing to creating advanced renderings with a deep understanding of traditional drawing fundamentals. Teaches skills such as shading, perspective, figure drawing, gesture, and more!

Instructor: Jack Hassett

A19  Mixed Media Creations
Week:  4                                                                 Grades: 5 & up
In this fun and engaging class, we will focus on using a variety of materials including painting, coloring, drawing, collage, and more!

Instructor:  Harold Gosling

A20  Book Arts
Weeks: 4, 5                                                    Grades: 5 & up
Do you like to tell stories? Do you enjoy drawing? Then this class is for you. We will be exploring the creative practice of writing through fun games and exercises. We will also discuss the art of illustrating stories, and how imagery can enhance your written work. Finally, you will pull all your imaginative effort together into a handmade book. Each day will include an inspirational walk around the land.

Instructor: Jessica Loy

A21  Paper Explosion
Week: 5                                                                  Grades 2 – 5
What can be done with a piece of paper you may ask??? Well, just about everything – flip and accordion books, sculptures, collages, mobiles, things that twist in the wind…we’ll make something different every day! We will be looking at the artist and educator Alma Thomas for inspiration on our paper collages.

Instructor:  Theresa McTague

A22  Drawing and Painting
Week: 5                                                          Grades 4 – 8
Capture an immediate response on paper to your daily Heldeberg Workshop world of woods, waterfalls, fields and mountains. Using oil pencils, pastels and acrylics, you will learn how to think, see and paint like the Impressionists or Abstractionists. You’ll also learn to use light, shadow and values to make dramatic or colorful statements. But the most important thing is that you enjoy expressing your feelings about the world around you!

Instructor: Jack Hassett

A23  Cartoon Character Design
Week: 5                                                            Grades 6 & up
Discover the process of creating your own comic! Embark on the journey of creating a comic starting with an initial idea that develops your own written script. All students will develop and draw their own characters and create their own unique stories as they learn the process of comic storyboarding.

Instructor:  Harold Gosling

A24  Marvelous Mobiles Which Move
Week: 6                                                                 Grades: 3 – 5
Learn to make outrageous mobiles for your room with a variety of art materials. Techniques and materials will include materials in nature, origami, paper sculpture, beads, yarn, and wire. We will be looking at the artists: Alexander Calder, Romare Bearden, and Frida Kahlo for inspiration. The possibilities are endless!

Instructor:  Theresa McTague

A25  Whimsical Wire Workings!
Week: 6                                                                Grades: 3 & up
In this course we’ll twist, bend and shape all types, sizes and colors of wire into fun sculptures, mobiles, creatures, jewelry and more! We’ll also combine wire with other materials – cork, wood, cloth, cardboard, paper, beads, model magic and paris craft to make almost anything you can imagine – from castes to dragons and everything ion between. Great for kids of all ages!!!

Instructor:  Colleen Skiff

A26  Watercolors
Week: 6                                                          Grades: 4 & up
Watercolor is one of the easiest mediums to work with in the outdoors. Create ‘starry skies’ nights using sail, ‘sailing boats’ using masks and resists, ‘wheat fields’ using dry brush,’sunsets’ using washes. Once you learn the basic techniques you can transform any subject, place or moment into a magical piece of work filled with color. We’ll wander the Land from teepee to pond with paint brushes in hand.

Instructor:  Trisha Zigrosser

A27  Multicultural Creations
Week: 6                                                        Grades: 5 & up
In this class you will explore the traditions of different cultures and artistic creations from around the world!  Please come join us in this fun and exciting class making multicultural art with fun mediums using your own creative expression. Mandala rock painting, watercolor Chinese Dragons, Glue batik, Origami, Paper dream catchers, paper rangoli and more!

Instructor: Jack Hassett

A28  Mixed Media: Drawing and Painting
Week: 6                                                          Grades: 6 & up
Come explore your creativity using all kinds of materials like paint, graphite, ink, coloring, and collage!  Fill up your sketchbook with all kinds of art!

Instructor: Harold Gosling

A29  Tie Dyes and Blue Skies (hopefully)
Week: 5                                                          Grades: 4 – 6
Art and the outdoors!  Learn to tie-dye and create colorful and always unique art to wear or display.  Basic materials will be provided, including a cotton T-shirt, and additional items to dye can be brought from home (100% cotton, pre-washed, is necessary).  Between tying and dying we will take short hikes to enjoy the natural surroundings and search for natural items that could be used for dyes.

Instructor: Robert Goldfarb

A30  Wax on!  Figurative, Abstract, and Unique Wax Designs
Week: 6                                                          Grades: 4 & up
Create an original wax sculpture! Student artists will experience the reverse process of designing and building a clay mold to cast a one-of –a-kind wax sculpture.

Instructor: Suzanne Kawola

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