Art 2021
Chairperson:  Jason Martinez

A01 Brazing, Welding & Wire Sculpture
Weeks: 5, 6                                                       Grades: 6 & up
In this class you will learn how to plan out two-dimensional and three-dimensional steel wire sculptures, then bring them to life using a form of welding called brazing!  This is an exciting class where students will learn to use a variety of tools while working with steel wire, and learn fun brazing techniques.

Instructor:  Emma Hampston

A03 Artistic Trading Cards
Week: 2                                                             Grades: 3 – 8
Create many miniature artworks about the same size as baseball cards! A variety of mediums and techniques will be explored to create these mini-masterpieces. These works of art are will be presented in card-collector pockets, sleeves and sheets. These works are great to keep, trade, or even send in the mail to friends and family!

Instructor: John Vandenbergh

A04 Multicultural Creations
Week: 6                                                             Grades: 5+
In this class you will explore the traditions of different cultures and artistic creations from around the world!  Please come join us in this fun and exciting class making multicultural art with fun mediums using your own creative expression. Mask making, watercolor Chinese Dragons, African mud cloth, Glue batik, Indian Diya lamps, cats eye, Paper dream catchers, paper rangoli and more!

Instructor: Jason Martinez

A05  Cartooning
Week: 1                                                             Grades: 4 – 8
Attention:  fans of comic books, cartoons and comic strips!

Explore the art of cartooning.  Human animation will be emphasized, including facial expression, body movement and setting.  Learn to create original story lines and scripts.  The class will “publish” a collective comic book.

Instructor:  John Vandenbergh

A07 Mixed Media Drawing & Painting
Week: 3                                                             Grades 6-12
Come explore your creativity using all kinds of materials like paint, graphite, ink, coloring, and collage!  Fill up your sketchbook with all kinds of art!

Instructor: Jack Hassett

A09  Mixed Media Fun
Weeks: 5                                                           Grades 6+
In this fun and engaging class, we will focus on using a variety of materials including painting, coloring, drawing, collage, and more!

Instructor:  Jason Martinez

 A10  Art &  Reptiles !!
Week: 2                                              Grades: 4 – 8
Do you love art? Love reptiles?  Learn how to draw, paint and create models of different kinds of reptiles!  In fact, to inspire your works of art, we’ll even have some live reptiles on hand for you to look at and study!  Reptiles come in exciting colors, unique, inspiring designs, and a variety of sizes – they’ll inspire fun, creative pieces of art!

Instructor:  Erin Hannah

A13  Metalwork & Design – Beginning and Advanced
Weeks: 3, 6                                                       Grades: 6 & up
In this class, students will learn how a metalsmith/artist transforms ideas into design, and in the process, creates very cool pieces of art, including wearable pieces! Students will use many different hand-held tools and work with copper and brass to create their own, special metal designs.

Returning students are welcome to work on more advanced projects.

Instructor: Irene Purificato

A14 Drawing for Real
Week: 4                                                             Grades: 5 – 12
“Drawing for real” is your creative step to obtaining drawing skills that will help you draw realistically.  This class will take you from having some knowledge in drawing to creating advanced renderings with a deep understanding of traditional drawing fundamentals.

Instructor: Jason Martinez

A15 Digital Photography
Week: 4                                                             Grades: 6-12
Have fun learning the fundamentals of photography including how to use your camera, composition, and image production as they apply to digital photography. Gain the skills necessary to capture, critique, and edit images of professional quality.

Instructor: Alicia Lea

A16 Art and Nature
Week 5                                                              Grades: 3-12
Learn about making art from and about nature! Using elements of natural life such as stones, sticks, leaves, and water in a creative way to make a new work of art. Learn about artist’s like Andy Goldsworthy who explore our relationship to the natural world around us. Come learn to paint, draw, and sculpt with our natural world!

Instructor: Alicia Lea