Performing Arts

Performing Arts 2019
Chairperson:  Joe Hetko


T1  Heldeberg Acoustic Jam    (Cancelled)
Week:  4                                                          Grades:  5 & up
Learn to make music on the fly and bring others along with you on the journey. This class is all about the exciting world of musical improvisation. Topics to be explored include chord progressions, accompaniment rhythms, scales to use for melodic flights of fancy, and group improvisation. This class is open to all acoustic instruments- wind, string, and percussion.

Instructor:  Joe Hetko

T2 Be a Magician!
Weeks: 1, 2                                                                 Grades: 3 & up
Here’s your chance to learn magic from one of the top magicians in the Capital Region. Magician Jim Snack will draw from his bag of tricks to teach sleight of hand, close-up magic, and illusions. Each student will master several tricks with cards, coins, rope and other readily available objects to present at the Open House. The workshop is for ages 8 and above.

Instructor: Jim Snack

T3 Battle of the Trolls!
Week:  3                                                                Grades: 5 – 8
Troll Wars! The woods trolls and the mountain trolls battle for the Heldebergs! Join the struggle! Build your own marionette troll and perform the story of the ancient trolls of the Heldebergs for the whole Workshop. Will you make a terrifying troll or the most beautiful princess? Woodworking, painting, costuming and puppet performance skills are all part of this adventure!

Instructor: John Koethen

T4 WHODUNNIT? It’s a Mystery! – Clues, Codes & Conundrums
Weeks 3&4:                                                                    Grades 3-10

A Dark and Stormy Night…
A Mysterious Package…
A Curious Message…
Uncover the evidence in this bizarre and baffling occurrence. Unravel a web
of Intrigue as you sharpen sleuthing skills. Decipher and Decode the
clues. Solve Perplexing Puzzles. Investigate the Improbable, eliminate the
Impossible, and arrive at the startling Solution!
Join us for our light-hearted version of CSI: Heldeberg Workshop.

Instructor: Scott Payne

T5  Wizards Workshop
Weeks: 1 – 2 (two week course)                    Grades:  3 – 10

Your OWL has arrived! Don’t miss your opportunity to attend
Hogwarts in the Helderbergs. Potions, Magic Charms, and Mystical Beasts (and where to find them) are a few of the subjects that students will enjoy in this creative crash course in theatrical conjuring. Apprentices will construct a Wizard’s wardrobe, magical apparatus, and other accessories of Abracadabra! Grab your broomstick and get ready to play wizard games. Imagination and Magic mixed in good measure.

Instructor:  Scott Payne

T7  Theater in the Heldebergs
Weeks:  5 – 6 (two week course)                   Grades:  4 – 8
Actors, actresses, musicians, crew-hands – put all of your creative energies to work as we collaborate on the writing and production of the 2018 premiere of “Theater in the Heldebergs”!

Instructor:  Mary Liz Stewart

T8 Dance the World in Heldeberg      ( Cancelled)
Week: 3                                                     Grades: 4-8
We will learn traditional dances from North America and many countries from Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  Some of these dances are centuries old, and some are very recently composed, some with and some without partners.  Some are very simple, some have a mild challenge. The repertoire includes circle, contra and square dances. All dances will be accompanied by live music from Joe Hetko.

Instructor: Paul Rosenberg

ek 5:                                                                   Grades 3-10
Ahoy Mateys! Hoist anchor, cast off, and set sail for Adventure. Learn
how to handle a sword in stage combat. Create Pirate ships, maps and sing
sea chanties. Search for buried treasure: gold doubloons, pieces of eight
and precious gems.
Join our Pirate Crew, but no talk of Mutiny, or it’s the Black Spot
and Keel Hauling for ye!

Instructor: Scott Payne

T10 Live from the Heldebergs         (Cancelled)
Week:  6                                                                              (Grades: 7 – 12)
After last summer’s exciting comedy workshop, “Live from the Heldebergs” will return for a week of comedy writing, improvisation and sketch creation. The workshop will conclude with a live performance of the students’ written work.
Instructor: Melissa Surach

Week 6:                                                               Grades 3-10

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come celebrate the summer season! Become Noble
Knights, Jolly Jesters, Fairy Folk, Lords & Ladies, Madrigals & Minstrels!
Dance the Maypole. Engage in a Joust. Create costumes and fol-de-rol!
Design your Coat-of-Arms and Castles. Perform bits of the Bard’s greatest
works in Shakespeare SImplified. Enjoy the pennants and Pageantry of an
English Renaissance Faire!

Instructor: Scott Payne