Performing Arts

Performing Arts 2022

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Chairperson:  Joe Hetko

 T01 Guitar: Beginning & Intermediate
Week: 3                                                          Grades: 5 & up
In this class we learn how to make music on the coolest of all instruments – the guitar! We play basic chords, learn to read various kinds of notation and make music individually and as a group. Guitar players looking to take their playing up to the next level will also love this class! We’ll learn new chords, tunes and techniques, and increase our overall knowledge of the guitar. Students who have taken a basic guitar class are welcome to join the fun.

Instructor:  Joe Hetko

T02 Be a Magician: Beginning & Advanced
Week: 3                                                          Grades: 3 & up
Here’s your chance to learn magic from one of the top magicians in the Capital Region. Magician Jim Snack will draw from his bag of tricks to teach sleight of hand, close-up magic, and illusions. Each student will master several tricks with cards, coins, rope and other readily available objects to present at the Open House. The workshop is for ages 8 and above.

Instructor: Jim Snack


T03 Marionette Theater Performs: Battle of the Trolls!
Week: 1                                                          Grades: 3 – 8
The woods trolls and the mountain trolls battle for the Heldebergs! Join the struggle! Build your own marionette troll and perform the story of the ancient trolls of the Heldebergs for the whole Workshop. Will you make a terrifying troll or the most beautiful princess? Puppet painting, costuming and puppet performance skills are all part of this adventure!

Instructor: John Koethen

T04  Time Travelers to the Rescue!: Egyptian Adventure
Week 2                                                            Grades : 3-8
Strap on your goggles and jump into your time machines as we race around the globe and back through time to discover amazing moments

in an improbable Past, Present and Future! Inspired by the science-fiction stories of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, we will explore a Victorian Era that never quite was, and project ourselves into a fantastic future, powered by Steam and Clockworks. Explore the tombs of Ancient Pharaohs to find the Key to our Future, that lies buried in the Past. Pyramids, Mummies, Time Machines and other fantastic apparatus will be created to assist us in our astounding endeavors. Join other “Anachronologists” and delve into the action-packed ideas of “Steampunk” technology. Adventure Awaits!

Instructor:  Scott Payne

T05  Wizards Workshop
Weeks: 1                                                        Grades:  3 – 8
Your OWL has arrived! Don’t miss your opportunity to attend
Hogwarts in the Helderbergs. Potions, Magic Charms, and Mystical Beasts (and where to find them) are a few of the subjects that students will enjoy in this creative crash course in theatrical conjuring. Apprentices will construct a Wizard’s wardrobe, magical apparatus, and other accessories of Abracadabra! Grab your broomstick and get ready to play wizard games. Imagination and Magic mixed in good measure.

Instructor:  Scott Payne

T06 Wizard’s Workshop II – Advanced Classes in Wizardology
Week: 4                                                          Grades: 3 – 8
You’ve learned the basics and have passed your O.W.L.s (Ordinary Wizarding Level tests). Now, it’s time to delve into deeper studies at the Hogwarts at Heldeberg. Use of Spells and Incantations. Advanced Alchemy & Potions. History of Magic. Astronomy. Charms. Herbology. Care of Magical Creatures. Divination.  Defense Against Dark Arts, and, of course, Quidditch!

Instructor: Scott Payne

 T07 Renaissance Festival Fun
Week: 5                                                          Grades 3 – 8
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come celebrate the summer season! Become Noble Knights, Jolly Jesters, Fairy Folk, Lords & Ladies, Madrigals & Minstrels!  Dance the Maypole. Engage in a Joust. Create costumes and fol-de-rol! Design your Coat-of-Arms and Castles. Perform bits of the Bard’s greatest works in Shakespeare Simplified. Enjoy the pennants and Pageantry of an English Renaissance Faire!

Instructor: Scott Payne

T09 It’s a Secret!
Week: 6                                                          Grades 3 – 8
Secret Codes. Secret Agents. Secret Missions. Secret Passwords. Spies & Private Eyes. Disguises & Surprises. A different mission every day. 5 Special assignments. 1 Major evening event for Open House Thursday night. Challenge: Can you find the secret password hidden in the first 8 words?

Instructor: Scott Payne

 T10 “Now, That’s Funny!” – a Comedy/Improv class
Week: 3                                                          Grades 3 – 8
Punchlines & Pratfalls.  Jokes & Jests.  Whimsy, Wisecracks & Witticisms. What does it take to be a comedian? Improve your Improvisational skills. Learn the Basics of Physical & Verbal humor, timing, and “Yes! …And”.  Performances on Thursday night Open House & Friday for the whole camp. Fabulous fun for everyone!

Instructor: Scott Payne

 T11 Poetry in Nature
Week: 2                                                          Grades: 6 – 12
Dig up the roots of one of poetry’s most prominent inspirations: Nature. Students will receive journals to write their poems and store inspiring materials, such as leaf and flower pressings, sketches and drawings, and drafts of poems. Over the course of the week, students will learn different techniques of writing poetry as they explore different areas of the Workshop, gather inspiration, brainstorm and write their own poems, share their work with other students, construct a poetry zine, and read aloud in spontaneous poetry recitals.

Instructor: Mackenzie Johnson

T12 Let’s Play Ukelele!
Week: 5                                                          Grades 6 – 12
Wander the Heldeberg hills and trails with one of the most portable and versatile musical instruments. This class is suitable for both complete beginners, and folks with some playing experience. We’ll learn to play tunes, chord progressions, and work on right hand techniques to bring variety to your playing.

Instructor: Joe Hetko