Spring Program

2024 Spring Classes for Kids and Adults

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Learn the basic shooting techniques when using professional recurved bows. These are the same bows used in national shooting competitions and the Olympics. Practice calculating scores and improving from week to week. Candy shoots and our last day shooting competition keep students engaged as they become lifelong participants of the sport.

Only recurve bows will be used in this class.
Dates: 4/21, 4/28, 5/5, 5/19, 5/26, 6/2, 6/9; 12-2pm each session
Grades: 6 & up
Instructor: Claire Pusatere
Registration fee: $165

Find the remains of organisms that lived here hundreds of millions of years  ago!  Learn about the prehistoric environment that these creatures lived in.  Discover how to search for fossils in an area known for its geologic richness.  Get your hands dirty identifying fossils such as trilobites, bryozoans, ancient corals, and many, many others, as we talk about their significance.
Date: Sunday, May 19 (Rain date: 5/26)
Time: 9am-12pm
Recommended Ages: Adults 18+, Teens Grades 6+, Adults with children (recommended grade 3+)
Instructor: George Pafumi
Registration fee:
$35/adult or child grade 6+
$45- adult and one child
$55- adult and two children
$65- adult and 3 children

Join us to find out why birders get so excited about spring birding. We hope to see birds at their spring best and hear them singing their melodious songs. We will be exploring a few different habitats on the Heldeberg property to see whatwe can find! Bring a snack and water. We will supply binoculars, but if you own binoculars, please bring them.

Depending on the weather we may be in wet and muddy situations.
Class: 5/19
Time: 9am-12pm
Ages: 8-14 yrs.
Meeting location: Meet at the Heldeberg Workshop Founders’ Building (wood building on the right near beginning of
Instructor: Ruth Brooks
Registration fee: $35

Come learn a great game! Crokinole is a table top board game invented around 1860 in Canada. It has elements of Shuffleboard, Billiards and Curling. Players flick small wooden discs with their fingers while trying to eliminate their
opponents pieces and score points. It can be played as solitaire, 1v1, 1v1v1 and in teams (of 2). It is a great family game for anyone 10 and up. There is lots of technique and strategy to learn. Check it out on YouTube for some videos, then join us to learn!
Class: May 4
Time: 10am-1
Ages: Ages 10 and up. Families are encouraged!
Instructor: Chet Boehlke
Registration fee: $35

Come learn the joy of GeoCaching! Geocaching started 21 years ago, when the US Government made the Global Positioning System (GPS) available to the general public. Within one day someone used the technology to hide a small
cache and post those coordinates online – 3 days later it had been found twice! Right now there are over 2.5 million geocaches and 6 million geocachers worldwide. In this course, we will explore the various tools of geocaching, while
searching the grounds of Heldeberg Workshop on a plethora of adventures seeking out caches from nanos to multis.
Date and time: CANCELLED
Geo: 9 and up (including families)
Instructor: Chet Boehlke

Get a glimpse into the incredible world of dog assisted search and rescue! Learn about the dogs and their special abilities, the training the handlers and dogs experience together, and watch as the dogs demonstrate their skills! We
will use the Heldeberg Workshop woods to simulate some search and rescue activities and we may even “rescue” some participants in the class!
Date and time: Saturday, June 9, 10am-12pm
Ages: 10+
Instructor: Dan Chouiniere
Registration fee:
Individual Adult: $25
Adult with 1 child (10-17): $35
Adult with 2 children (10-17): $45
Adult with 3 children (10-17): $55