High Adventure

High Adventure 2021

Chairperson:  Marilyn Pusatere

H02  My Side of the Mountain
Weeks:  1, 2, 4                                                  Grades:  4 – 6
My Side of the Mountain, by Jean Craighead George, is an adventure story of self-reliance and the ability to adapt to the environment.  Like the main character, Sam Gribley, students in this class will learn basic skills to use the land to survive. You’ll build a survival structure, learn to start a fire with flint and steel, cook over a fire, hike with a map and compass, and identify wildlife.  You’ll keep a journal of your experiences.  You should become familiar with the popular story to fully enjoy this class.

Instructors: Darcy Morrison

H03 MORE My Side of the Mountain
Weeks: 5, 6                                                       Grades: 6 – 8
Did you take My Side of the Mountain?  Want more?  This class is offered for older students, and everything will be a little “more”.  After you build a fire with flint and steel, you will safely and successfully maintain the fire.  You will hike the Heldebergs, gather wood, forage, and identify flora and fauna.  Different types of shelters will be built. You will become attuned to nature and learn basic outdoor survival skills, like Sam Gribley!

Instructor: Darcy Morrison

H05 Archery
Weeks: 2, 3, 5, 6                                              Grades: 6 & up
Learn the basic shooting techniques using recurved bows. Recurved bows are used in national shooting competitions and the Olympics. Practice calculating scores and improvement through the week. Candy shoots and our final day team shooting competition keep students engaged as they become lifelong participants of the sport.  Those students who have practiced Archery before will have the opportunity to continue to develop their skills.

Note:  Recurve bows will be used for this Archery course.

Instructor: Wks. 2,3: Kevin McFerran; Wks. 5,6: Claire Pusatere

H06  Helde-Trekking
Weeks: 2, 3                                                       Grades:  3 & 4
Hike the Heldeberg Workshop!  Spend your week hiking and exploring the fields, woods, swamp and pond areas of the Workshop Land.  Learn what to do and what not to do when out hiking, whether on the Workshop Land or elsewhere with friends and family.  Learn some basic safety and survival skills such as building a campfire, making a survival shelter and reading basic trail maps.  You will need to wear comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers, as we will do a lot of hiking.   Students should also have a small daypack that can hold a raincoat, a water bottle and snacks for each day’s adventure.

Instructor: David Wallingford

H07 Woods Wanderers
Weeks: 4, 5, 6                 Wk 4: Grades 6-8; Wks 5&6: Grades 4-5
Not all who wander are lost! Unlock your inner wanderer in this course for hikers and curious naturalists.  Venture into our unique, beautiful, and diverse land while learning basic plant, insect, and animal identification.  Whether out for a day or overnights, this class will prepare you for a safe and enjoyable journey. You will learn how to pack gear, cook outdoors, do basic wilderness first aid, and handle bad weather and survival situations.  Learn and practice “Leave No Trace” principles while wondering and wandering throughout Heldeberg’s gorgeous landscape.  If you’re interested in broadening your hiking experience and immersing yourself in a world of nature, then this course is for you!

Instructor: Karen Treadgold

 H08  Junior Archery
Weeks:  1, 2, 3, 4                                              Grades: 3 – 5
This course will stress all the FUNdamentals of Archery with an emphasis on skills for younger students. Archery games and tournaments make this class interesting and lively!  Students will use the latest technologically advanced “toy” bows and arrows to shoot at a variety of backdrops and targets.

Instructor: Weeks 1-3-Gwen McFerran; Week 4: Claire Pusatere

H10 Geo-caching
Week: 6                                                             Grades:  5 – 8
Come learn the joy of GeoCaching! Geocaching started 18 years ago, when the US Government made the Global Positioning System (GPS) available to the general public. Within one day someone used the technology to hide a small cache and post those coordinates online – 3 days later it had been found twice! Right now there are over 2.5 million geocaches and 6 million geocachers worldwide. In this course, we will explore the various tools of geocaching, while searching the grounds of Heldeberg Workshop on a plethora of adventures seeking out caches.from nanos to multis.

Instructor: Chet Boehlke Jr