Folk Arts

Folk Arts 2020

 F1: Create Your Own Board Game
Weeks: 5, 6                                                          Grades: 3+

If you enjoy board games (or any games), then you will love creating your own!  The added challenge is that we will be using materials from our natural surroundings.  We will receive inspiration from ancient board games, such as Go, Parcheesi, and Mancala, as well as common games of today.  We will also develop games that we can play with no materials at all, such as clapping games, Mother May I, What time is it Mr. Fox, or statues.  Come ready to use your imagination and play games.

Instructor: Mary Ann Dunn

F2  French and Indian War
Week: 2                                                        Grades: 4 & up

Indian attacks…France invades New York. Defend King and Country! “Kid -life” in 1753 Heldebergs is dangerous, but fun. Pioneer life in Colonial New York comes alive as you develop exciting skills learned during the War that made America. Ben Franklin’s Albany Plan of Union asks the question; will we learn to govern ourselves?

Instructor:  Jeffrey Tew

 F3 Folk Art Fun
Weeks: 1, 2                                                          Grades: 2 – 4

An introduction to folk arts! We’ll focus on the basics of weaving, basketry, and such art forms as felt painting, tole painting on wood and pysanky (egg painting).  You’ll learn about patterns and rhythms, other art elements and design  principles found in folk arts, and we’ll even find materials from the land to use for some projects.

Instructor: Anna Pellicone

 F4 Beadwork & Calligraphy
Weeks: 3, 5                                                          Grades 3 & up

Do you love drawing and making designs? Do you want to explore a new culture through art? This class will look at designs from the ancient to modern Middle East, creating letters, cards, and other fun designs with beads and calligraphy. These practices are as old as The Middle East itself! Please join us for a week as we gain inspiration from nature, pictures, and samples plus creating our own fun artwork!

Instructor: Rebecca Theadore

F5 Beginning Blacksmithing
Weeks: 1, 3, 5                                                      Grades: 7 & up

In Beginning Blacksmithing, students will learn the basics of the craft while also learning about the lives of early American blacksmiths. Students will use traditional hand tools and a coal-fired forge to shape hot steel on the anvil. By the end of the week, each student will take home a finished project, such as a coat rack or colonial candle sconce. Blacksmithing students should expect to work hard and will need to come to class with closed-toed shoes, long-sleeved shirts and long pants.  Advanced students are also welcome and will be provided with a project to fit their skill level.

Instructor:  Noah Khoury

F6 Beginning & Advanced Blacksmithing
Weeks: 2, 4, 6                                                      Grades: 7 & up

In this class, beginning students will be accommodated alongside returning advanced students, who will further develop their skills and be instructed in the making of projects such as fireplace tools, chandeliers or garden decorations.  Emphasis will be placed on control and consistency in student work.  Blacksmithing students should expect to work hard and will need to come to class with closed-toed shoes, long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

Instructor: Noah Khoury

 F7  Eastern Woodland Indians
Week: 2                                                                 Grades: 4 & up

How did the Iroquois live?  Join us for a weeklong adventure in the woods and find out.  Spend time at our version of a traditional long house.  Take walks in the woods to identify plants, animals, footprints and feathers.  Gather natural items to decorate a “talking stick”.  Make a cornhusk doll.  Hear stories and songs.

Instructor:  “Standing Woman” (Dawn Marczak)


F08 Fanciful Forest Creatures
Week: 1                                          Grades 3 – 5

Come into the forest and learn about the mythical creatures that hide in plain sight!  We will be learning all about them and how each creature has been portrayed in stories!  We will make fairy houses, troll traps, our own unicorn horns and much more! By the end of the week you’ll be able to create your own creature and its habitat.  Share them with the class and your families!

Instructor: Lily McDonnell

F9  Revolutionary War
Week: 3                                                        Grades: 4 & up

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and you! Learn about the Revolution in the Heldebergs. Young people like you in every battle. Hands-on fun filled activities. Learn military tactics as you battle to save Albany from British invasion and discover how our freedoms were won. Join up and decide… Will you take the Kings shilling or sign the Declaration and create a new country of your own?

Instructor:  Jeffrey Tew

F10 Yoga for You!
Weeks: 4                                               Grades 2 & up

Yoga for You! Many parents are doing yoga, now it’s your turn! Yoga helps with focus, flexibility, and coordination, and it’s fun! We’ll do fun and challenging poses, including a full Sun Salutation. Join us to play yoga games, do art projects, and enjoy some meditation time. Poses will be mainly solo but will include time for partner and group yoga poses as well. This class will provide positive self-awareness and reflection for the children, but will also be fun and exciting!”

Instructor: Rebecca Theadore

F11  Introduction to the Folding World
Week 6                                                         (Grades: 3 – 5)

Almost everything in nature folds, from the emerging leaf to butterfly wings to chromosomes. Technical and industrial applications of folding involve plastics, paper and metals. The heart stint and the Hubble telescope rely on folding and unfolding. Mastering the art of paper folding can be a lifelong interest.  Beyond the ancient art of origami and traditional folding of figurative subjects, this course will focus on abstract forms which are inherently intriguing and beautiful.  Interest in folding paper, and many other materials, has applications to architecture, physics, mathematics, art, computer design, problem solving, packaging, industrial design, and fashion.

Instructor: Paul Steinkamp

F12  Weaving Studio – Beginning and Advanced
Weeks: 1, 2, 3                                      Grades: 4 & up

Learn basic weaving skills on a four shaft loom. Choose your colors, set up your loom, choose your weft and weave your project! Students who have previously taken a weaving course will be given a review of basics, then may go on to explore new weaves and projects. Students are encouraged to enroll for two or more weeks to further their skills and complete weavings of their own design.

Instructor:  Candace Christiansen

 F14  Indians of the Plains, Prairies and Grasslands
Week: 4                                                                 Grades: 4 & up

How did the Sioux live? Join us for a week of learning about these nomadic buffalo hunters and how they survived. Spend time in our Cheyenne tipi. Learn about their ceremonies. Build a Medicine Wheel. Take nature walks to observe wildlife and identify plants and animals. Gather natural objects to decorate a “Talking stick”. Hear stories and songs.

Instructor:  “Standing Woman” (Dawn Marczak)

 F15 Earth Art
Week: 3                                                                  Grades: 3 – 12

Do you love to build things? Are sand castles and mud creations something you would enjoy? “Earth Art” is the class for you! Earth artists work in nature, using natural materials, such as sand, stones, twigs, mud and leaves, for their creations. Exploring, collecting and designing our earthworks will be lots of fun! The sculptures won’t last too long, but the photographs will!

Instructor: Trisha Zigrosser

F16 Civil War
Week: 4                                                       Grades:  4 & up

Step back in time and experience the lives of soldiers and civilians during the period of America’s Civil War.  Roll calls, songs, Army Drill and mock battles are what is in store for you!  You will learn about the causes of this conflict between Americans and meet some characters who look like they just stepped out of your history book.

Instructor: Jeffrey Tew

F17 Maskmaking
Week:  4                                                               Grades:  3 – up

Do you like your hands submerged in slime?  It’s a messy process, but the masks we create will be astounding!  We’ll use Heldeberg rocks as forms, then layer paper strips to produce masks that can be mysterious, funny, fanciful or even frightening.  Masks will be painted and perhaps embellished with natural items we find on the Land.  Ancient cultures will be our inspiration as we let our imaginations soar!

Instructor:  Trisha Zigrosser