We are pleased to announce that the Heldeberg Workshop has entered into a  partnership with the Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy (MHLC) to permanently protect the Heldeberg Workshop lands from development.

For more than 15 years, the Conservancy has been working to preserve the lands of the Helderberg Escarpment by creating a protected corridor linking the lands and wetlands beneath the escarpment from Indian Ladder Farms to Thacher State Park and beyond. The 250-acre Heldeberg Workshop lands are the largest unprotected property immediately below Thacher Park and provide a key connection in creating a conservation corridor of nearly 3,500 acres.

Our Workshop property is well known for its natural resource values that make the Helderberg Escarpment so ecologically and geologically significant. These include

    • rich fossil deposits, more than 60% of New York’s amphibian species, at least 13 bird species listed as New York Species of Greatest Conservation Need, plus large flocks of spring and fall migrants;
    • Vly Swamp, located at the base of our Workshop lands, has been identified as a biodiversity “hotspot,” with records of many other animals and plants of conservation concern, and;
    • limestone cliffs, boulders, and talus, which are present at the higher elevations of our Workshop lands, and which provide habitat for a variety of rare and unusual species of flora and fauna, including the endangered Indiana Bat.

Our goal in permanently protecting the Workshop’s lands is two-fold:

    1. Our 250 acres provide a key piece of the Helderberg Conservation Corridor. Our lands encompass unique wetlands, scenic open spaces, and wildlife habitat in an area that is being steadily fragmented by nearby subdivision and suburban sprawl.
    2. Our “Adventure in Learning” is not possible without the lands upon which we operate. The Board of the Workshop is committed to permanently protecting “The Land” from development for future generations.

To complete the project and fully protect the Workshop’s lands, we need to raise $100,000 by September 30. This work is urgent—if we do not raise the funds this vital conservation effort will not be possible.

Please help us to preserve these lands that we love by making a gift today. Your contribution is an investment not only in the Workshop, but also in the future of your own kids and grandkids. And, please, be as generous as you can.

~Alvin Breisch, Heldeberg Workshop Board Chairman

Please give what you can and help us to preserve the lands of the Heldeberg Workshop. We need your help! Please mail your gift today using the MHLC_Heldeberg Workshop donation form or donate online at