Saddlemire Scholarship





Frieda Saddlemire had a passion for the outdoors.  She appreciated nature and all of its beauty.  She knew most plants and trees by name.  Frieda had a special love for children, with their wide-eyed wonder about the world and all the things in it.  Frieda was child-like in that way; the little things excited her, such as a spider on a leaf, colors of a flower or morning dew on the grass.  Frieda lived till she was 94, but through all those years, never lost her excitement about the amazing world she lived in.  Most of all, she loved her experiences teaching at Heldeberg Workshop, and taught there until she was 84.

Do you know a child in grades ranging from K-2 who embodies the many amazing attributes of Frieda Saddlemire?  Does this child find the outdoors fascinating and have a desire to learn? Frieda was an extraordinary woman, and we are looking for a child who stands out as someone unique, someone like Frieda!

Please apply by writing a short essay (or even submit an essay written by a child) about how your child, or a child you know,  fits the characteristics of Frieda and would be worthy of receiving one free week in a Discoverland (Grades:  K – 2 class).

Send your essay to
or mail it to:

Heldeberg Workshop
PO Box 323
Voorheesville, NY 12186-0323